Why do most new energy forklifts use lithium battery?

Before power lithium batteries were widely used, lead-acid batteries had always been the main power source for industrial vehicles, especially electric forklifts. With the rapid development of new energy battery technology and the decreasing cost of power lithium batteries, the sales and ownership of electric forklifts continue to increase, and the battery market they are equipped with is also quietly changing. With the market orientation of national policy tilt, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the continuous strengthening of environmental awareness, it is an inevitable trend that lithium batteries will gradually replace lead-acid in the next 3-5 years.

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Benefits of lithium batteries for your electric forklift

Lead-acid batteries have been around for about 140 years, but now they're coming under stiff competition from modern lithium-ion technology. Both traditional lead-acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used to power forklifts in material handling operations. Today, almost all electric forklift and warehouse equipment suppliers in the world follow the trend of the times and equip their products with lithium-ion batteries.

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Uncovering the future: The trend of lithium battery forklifts in the global market

Technological advancements enable manufacturers to meet growing battery demand through sustainable and cost-effective methods. The battery manufacturing industry is developing new materials and technologies to create cheaper and greener solutions. In addition, the digitization of energy processes and reporting offers new opportunities for building the energy storage devices of the future. In this report, we examine battery technology trends and high-impact startups paving the way for the future of green energy and energy storage.

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Hyder counter-balanced Electric Stacker

Revolutionize Your Material Handling with the Counter-Balanced Electric Stacker

Discover a game-changing solution in material handling with HYDER's Counter-Balanced Electric Stacker. Engineered for efficiency, this innovation offers competitive pricing, rugged terrain capabilities, and adaptability to various pallet sizes and types. Its compact design enhances maneuverability, while compatibility with forklift attachments ensures versatility. Unlock unparalleled performance and customize your solution with OEM ideas. Revolutionize your logistics – embrace the future with HYDER

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