Walkie Straddle Wide Leg 1.5t Electric Pallet Montacargas Stacker

1.5t walkie stacker/ Lead Acid Battery

Brand New Wide Leg walkie electric stacker

1)model: HTB15E

2)Lifting height:3500mm lifting

3)Capacity: 1500kg 

4) Lifting motor: 2.2KW                                                                        

5)PU wheel                                                                           

6)battery capacity:48V 32Ah                                                       

7) with operation/parts manual                                             

8) warranty: one year  

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Walkie Straddle Wide Leg 1.5t  Electric Pallet Montacargas Stacker

Product Description

Walkie stackers, also known as pedestrian stackers or walk-behind stackers, are versatile material handling equipment used in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. While specific features can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, here are some common features you might find in walkie stackers:

1. Load Capacity: Determines the maximum weight the stacker can handle.
2. Lift Height: Indicates the maximum height the forks can reach.
3. Power Source: Can be battery-powered or combustion engine-powered.
4. Fork Length: Determines the size and type of loads the stacker can handle.
5. Fork Width Adjustment: Allows for handling different pallet sizes.
6. Tilt Function: Enables forward and backward tilting of the forks.
7. Controls: User-friendly controls for lifting, lowering, steering, and maneuvering.
8. Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons, alarms, anti-roll-back mechanisms, and operator presence sensors.
9. Maneuverability: Designed for easy navigation in tight spaces.
10. Ergonomics: Features for operator comfort and reduced fatigue.
11. Attachments: Additional tools for handling specific load types or configurations.
12. Safety Lights and Beacons: Enhance visibility and safety in low-light or busy areas.

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Technical Specs
NO Items Unit Specs
1 Power type   Battery
2 Rated load capcity kg 1500
3 Load centre mm 500
4 Operate type   Walkie
5 Total length mm 1791
6 Total width mm 1450
7 Mast closed height mm 2090/1590/1830/2090/2330
8 Lifting height mm 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500
9 Mast extended height mm 2090/2570/3070/3570/4070
10 Aisle width 1000*1200mm  mm 2305
11 Fork Min ground clearance mm 30
12 Min. Turning radius mm 1431
13 Fork sideL*W*H mm 1150*1450*60
14 Fork outer width mm 550/680
15 Handle height max/min mm 1230/750
16 Max lifting speedno load mm/s 100
17 Max lifting speedfull load mm/s 50
18 Max driving speedno load Km/h 5
19 Max driving speedfull load Km/h 4
20 Max gradeability(full/no load % 3.0/5.0
21 Driving motor KW DC0.75
22 Lifting motor kw DC2.2
23 Total weight (battery included) kg 545
24 Battery  capacity V/AH 12V*4/32AH
25 Bearing wheel sizefront  mm 80*70
26 Balance wheel sizeback mm 125*50
27 Service Brake   Electric magnetic

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