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Common Forklift Parts and Terms

2023-08-22 | Power Battery - Electric Forklift

Certainly, it seems like you've provided a comprehensive list of common forklift parts and terms. These are essential components that contribute to the functionality and safety of a forklift. Here's a summary of the parts and terms you've mentioned. Hyder Forklift employs advanced design and manufacturing technologies, incorporating key components and terminology as follows:

Mast: The mast of Hyder Forklift provides reliable vertical support, enabling effortless lifting and lowering of goods.

Carriage: The forklift's carriage connects the forks to the mast, ensuring stable movement and positioning of the forks.

Load Backrest: Hyder Forklift's load backrest not only prevents goods from shifting backward but also safeguards the mast's hydraulic cylinder hoses from damage. This contributes to operator safety and equipment reliability.

Forks: Hyder Forklift is equipped with adjustable forks to accommodate various sizes and types of goods. These forks provide stable support during the lifting process.

Hydraulic Lift Cylinder / Lift Lever: The hydraulic lift cylinder and lift lever of Hyder Forklift control the vertical movement of goods and the mast, enabling smooth lifting and lowering operations.

Overhead Guard: Hyder Forklift's overhead guard design ensures operator safety by preventing objects from falling. Depending on requirements, modifications can enhance its protective capabilities.

Tilt Cylinder / Tilt Lever: Tilt cylinder and tilt lever of Hande Forklift allow controlled forward and backward tilting of goods and the mast to accommodate diverse handling needs.

Drive Wheels / Steer Wheels: Hyder Forklift's rear-mounted steer wheels enable easy maneuvering in confined spaces. This design not only enhances operational safety during transportation but also facilitates reverse driving.

Counterbalance: Hyder Forklift's manufacturer integrates counterbalance weights into the design to ensure stability during lifting and transporting heavy loads, providing an additional layer of safety for both operators and the equipment.


Hyder Forklift not only incorporates these essential components but also leverages advanced technology to achieve an optimal balance of performance, safety, and efficiency. When purchasing a Hande Forklift, you can consider fuel options and long-term costs based on your business needs to make well. Hyder's balance weight is made of one-piece cast iron, which is very strong.

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